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Cocosneakers Balenciaga Speed Trainer Black White (2016)

Cocosneakers Balenciaga Speed Trainer Black White (2016)

  • Saturday, 16 April 2022
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That the sneaker who has been worn the most by celebrities at the beginning of 2017,

has the highest appearance rate in major fashion weeks, and is the hottest in fashion circles,

besides Cocosneakers Balenciaga Speed Trainer Black White (2016) socks and shoes, who else can you think of?

Its biggest feature is that shoes and socks are integrated,

making people foolishly confused whether they are shoes or socks?

Domestic and foreign celebrity bloggers such as the queen Yang Mi,

temperament beauty Tang Yan and Song Qian all love it!

This pair of socks and shoes from Balenciaga,

officially named Speed Trainer, is divided into high-top and mid-top,

that is, Hi and Mid versions! If you have already started but don't know how to match it,

let's see how they perform it!

Victoria Song: She wears long-leg socks against the sky. Long legs and long legs will always follow the fashion trend.

Of course, Victoria Song will not let go of these socks and shoes. She looks at the airport.

Tang Yan: The same color match, looks thinner and Gao Tang Yan uses dark tights with dark socks and shoes.

The color continuation of the matching essentials not only makes you look thinner,

but also visually lengthens the proportion of the figure. Black shoes and black pants,

the simplest combination often brings a sense of high-end fashion.

Yang Mi: Wearing ripped jeans gives a girlish look.

A large area of ripped jeans can visually cover the flesh and look thin.

The ripped holes echo the sweater's brushed design, which is fashionable for girls.

Socks and shoes just wrap the thinnest ankles of the legs,

and the whole shape can be summarized and integrated with "one thin to the bottom". From Cocosneakers

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