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Cocoshoes Yeezy x Gap Round Jackets Black

Cocoshoes Yeezy x Gap Round Jackets Black

  • Friday, 11 February 2022
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Recently, the new black version Cocoshoes Yeezy x Gap Round Jackets Black has been released.

ROUND JACKET is made of regenerated nylon and cotton poplin,

with a matte PU coating on the surface,

and the design uses a unique one-piece lapel cut,

abandoning the usual front-joint configuration such as zippers or buttons,

making the whole more neat The inside is marked with the YEEZY Gap logo as a symbol of identity.

It is reported that the new black version of YEEZY Gap ROUND JACKET will be available for pre-order at Gap JP,

Gap EU, and Gap UK at 10:00 am on July 13, JST, CET, and British Summer Time.

Cocoshoes also recently got the sale of this dress, and invited youtube influencers to help evaluate.

Interested friends can click to view:

The cocoshoes website has been launched, you can click on the name of the clothes to view the details.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time.

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