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Great God predicts the "women's shoe trend" in the second half of 2021: is Nike Dunk still on fire? NB 327 Should I follow? cocoshoes tell you!

  • Saturday, 16 April 2022
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Great God predicts the "women's shoe trend" in the second half of 2021: is Nike Dunk still on fire? NB 327 Should I follow? cocoshoes tell you!

Time flies so fast, the second season passed without knowing it. Have you started to think about all the sneakers that make you think about it? Or are you worried that more powerful products will be launched this year, so you dare not relax and want to wait and see? Don't worry, today the editor will predict the fashion trend of girls' sneakers in the second half of 2021 for you, and see how many conditions your favorite pair meets? Or if the budget is limited, it will be outdated to wear out old shoes that are in line with the trend!

Neutral style is in power

With the genderless style of the fashion circle at the forefront, this trend has naturally blown to the sneaker circle. Compared with the usual pink, bow and other elements... it is the Nike Dunk series that became popular at the beginning of the year. There are many limited color combinations for girls. Every pair is so happy to see that the boy wants it!

Low color saturation

Low-saturation color was originally one of the trends in 2021 predicted by fashionistas. The design of sports shoes, which is closely related to the development of fashion, is naturally affected to a certain extent. In recent hot selling women's shoe styles, such as the Nike Dunk launched this year, most of the colors have also chosen relatively low saturation colors.

Pay attention to details and styling

Sports shoes have long since become one of the indispensable items from the original sports function. The frequent appearances of major fashion weeks are the best example, which also makes the appearance of previous sneakers more concise, and in recent years, more attention has been paid to details and styles.

It would be better if the color can be covered

Just like buying a bag, some classic sneakers are always easy to wear. Even if the color is slightly changed every year, it will still attract iron fans to pay willingly. After all, different colors will affect the overall style. , So I will observe that if there are enough colors and styles of sneakers, they may be more popular in the girls market.

The basic model is still in red

Although the trend is unpredictable, turning the face is as fast as turning the book, but as mentioned above, the basic model is the basic model, because it has certain characteristics that can withstand the test of the times, and even becomes more and more popular so no matter how the fashion trend changes , There must be a few pairs of basic models in the shoe cabinet!

After reading the above analysis, do you think there are few pairs of shoes missing in the shoe cabinet? However, there is an old saying: People wear shoes, not shoes. No matter how the fashion trend evolves, the most important thing is to wear your style and aura and know how to wear~

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