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Coco Shoes Nike Air Force 1 “Victory Edition” (2021)

  • Saturday, 06 May 2023
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Nike Air Force 1 2021 Special 

Coco Shoes Nike Air Force 1 2021 “Victory Edition”, in ancient Greek mythology, means "Goddess of Victory".Taking its legendary image in Greek mythology,the Air Force 1 shoe tongue is transformed into the shape of the goddess's wings,and the translucent fabric material is used to create the lightness of the wings;on the heel part, the Nike logo is replaced with ancient characters In the font,the symbol of the branches and leaves of the goddess of victory is specially embroidered on the right foot.In addition, the insoles also contain colored eggs.The left foot prints the statue of the goddess of victory displayed in the Louvre, and the right foot has a small note of Nike's definition.

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