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The Super Classic NIKE Air Force 1 Must Be Known.

The Super Classic NIKE Air Force 1 Must Be Known.

  • Saturday, 06 May 2023
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COCOSHOES Recommend 2 AF1s with full details and versatile, quickly start to make them brighten up!

NIKE Air Force 1 I believe it must be the common memory of many 8th grade trendy players. Not only is the appearance simple and well-matched, but at the time when pocket money is limited, whoever uses Air Force 1 in school is the most "trendy" in the school. , Although time flies, NIKE has also continued to introduce more technological shoes, Air Force 1 still has an unshakable position. This time, let Dappei recommend the recently launched 4 pairs of ultra-versatile NIKE Air Force 1, let's use the AF1 to become cool in the summer! The super classic NIKE Air Force 1 must be known!

NIKE FLYLEATHER AF1 x Mayumi Yamasa 

Speaking of the Air Force 1, which has attracted the most editorial attention recently, it is definitely not this pair of FLYLEATHER AF1, which is a joint collaboration with Japanese artist Mayumi Yamasa. The simple all-white shoe body is matched with Mayumi Yamasa, which shines through the sunshine of gray blue, pink orange, and green. Tones and graffiti pen touch points decorate the shoe body. Embroidery, stitching, graffiti and other elements are used to create high-quality items full of summer atmosphere. The midsole is presented in caramel color, adding a retro atmosphere to the all-white AF1. The shoe box is even more special. The exclusive style created is definitely one of the shoes that should not be missed by the party this summer.

NIKE Air Force 1 "Paisley Swoosh"

Speaking of Paisley (amoeba) elements, it is not difficult to reminiscent of the SB Dunk Low co-branded by NIKE and American rapper Travis Scott, the stitching of different materials and the full version of the Paisley (amoeba) figure plus the popularity of Travis Scott. , But let this pair of shoes directly aspire to the throne of the shoe king of the year. And this work can see Paisley's traces everywhere, especially with the earth tones and navy blue embellishment, the unique stitching and different material design, and the joint model of Travis Scott, so handsome and versatile Air Force 1, absolutely let Trend players love it.

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