Coco Shoes News is legal, please do not enter the wrong website. is legal, please do not enter the wrong website.

  • Saturday, 16 April 2022
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Cocoshoes has always done its own brand, and we provide the best sneakers.

Each order must be confirmed by \ WhtasAPP: +852 6432 9578Instagram: cocoshoesjing. And it will be shipped only when the customer confirms that there is no problem. If there is no confirmation, it will not be shipped. Because we are afraid that the shoe size, address, phone number, and house number are wrong. Please remember to contact us if there are some customers who have not shipped.

Friendly reminder: Our correct website is and not coolsneakers. If you have friends and family who buy shoes, please do not enter the wrong website. I have already had a lot of customers go to cocosneakers to place an order, and then I haven't received the shoes for several months. So please recognize the correct website, at least my will not deceive you.

Honesty is supreme, and we will do our best to provide service and quality. Please feel free to buy.

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