Name: Coco Sneakers Air Jordan 4 Retro Military Black

Style:  DH6927-111

Brand: PerfectKicks

Coco Shoes Service

✔Free QC (quality control) photos within 1-3 working days

✔Shipping Method: DHL / EMS / FedEx 

✔Delivery Time: 7-15 days.(Due to the impact of COVID-19, express shipments are sometimes delayed.)

✔After delivery, a delivery photo and a tracking number will be provided, so you can track the logistics information throughout the process.

✔Payment method: Visa / Master / JCB / AE / Diners Club / Dc / PayPal / 

Coco Shoes are the top 5 sellers in the online store, please buy with confidence and remember our domain name, so as not to go to the wrong website and cause losses, thank you!We make the best quality rep shoes, they are 1:1 quality, everyone receives the shoes saying they look good, very real, same as stockx shoes.

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Recent Reviews ( 7 )
I’m going be honest the shoes are great I ordered a pair of Jordan 4 military black and the quality was very good it took about a month to get to me But it is very worth it I recommend 10/10 fits true to size box was good wore them to school and got no callouts thank you. In the picture obviously I’ve been wearing them.

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Love these shoes so much, no one can tell when I walk in them

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The shoe was almost perfect I wore them to school and I got no call outs, the box was 1:1 same with the shoes 10/10 I do recommend!!!

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Hello! I got these shoes and they ar fire! The material is very good, I did legit check and it passed!

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buy them

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The shoes fit well, are very comfortable, breathable, look great, and stay clean looking with almost no maintenance.

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This pair of shoes is very hot and is the best replica!!🔥🔥🔥
Can you send pictures of the shoe to see how the front and the side look like
By Angle Thursday, 16 June 2022

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