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Cocoshoes Dior B23 High Top Logo Oblique 3SH118YJP_H069

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Name: Coco Shoes Dior B23 High Top Logo Oblique

Style:  3SH118YJP_H069

Batch: PerfectKicks

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We make the best quality shoes, they are 1:1 quality, everyone receives the shoes saying they look good, very real, same as stockx dior. Quality Standard: The highest local craftsmanship,At least 3 raw materials are used,Still the same workmanship as the original. Coco Shoes are the top 5 sellers in the online store, please buy with confidence and remember our domain name, so as not to go to the wrong website and cause losses.

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5 more shoes arrived today!! Thank you

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I really like these shoes, coco finally started selling them again

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This is one of the most perfect shoes I have ever seen. It was great. I bought another pair. look forward to.

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