Name: Coco Sneakers Nike SB Dunk Low White Black Panda (2021) 

Style:  DD1391-100

Batch: PerfectKicks

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Coco Shoes Service: 

✔Free QC (quality control) photos within 1-3 working days

✔Shipping Method: DHL / EMS / FedEx 

✔Delivery Time: 8-15 working days. (Sometimes packages are delayed due to weather and COVID-19.)

✔After delivery, a delivery photo and a tracking number will be provided, so you can track the logistics information throughout the process.

✔Payment method: Visa / Master / JCB / AE / Diners Club / Dc / PayPal / Zelle

Coco Sneakers are the top 5 sellers in the online store, please buy with confidence and remember our domain name, so as not to go to the wrong website and cause losses. We make the best quality Coco Shoes, they are 1:1 quality, everyone receives the shoes saying they look good, very real, same as stockx dunk. Quality Standard: The highest local craftsmanship, At least 3 raw materials are used, Still the same workmanship as the original. 1:1 Quality standard, The highest local craftsmanship, at least 3 kinds of original materials are used, or the same craftsmanship as the original factory.

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We have tried many different brands of shoes for my daughter but she keeps coming back to these. She said they don't require being broken in, they are great from the start

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I love these sneakers! They are so cute and trendy and I have gotten so many compliments already. They are also way more comfortable than I expected.

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It took only 10 days from order to delivery, very fast, the shoes are the best🔥🔥🔥

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This is the best quality replica shoe I have ever seen

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