Coco Shoes Promotions

Yeezy 350 V2 Free Shipping (END)

10 pairs of Yeezy 350 V2 popular shoes with free shipping.

We will respond to everyone's messages when we go to work on May 4th.

Any questions can contact Cocoshoes WhatsApp and Instagram

Happy International Labour Day to everyone, Cocoshoes salutes working people all over the world.

Easter Promotion 20% OFF(END)

All merchandise participates in the campaign.

Promo Code: Easter

The event ends after Easter and is based on New York time.

Any questions can contact Cocoshoes WhatsApp and Instagram

Happy Easter. Thank you my dear friends.

Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Sale(END)

1. The original yeezy 350 V2, which cost $150, is now only $89.

2. You can use the coupon, 15% off, contact cocoshoes to get the coupon code.

3. The activity is effective for a long time.

Get a pair of shoes for free

Complete the following tasks within a month to get a pair of shoes for free.
Tips: Friends who need to participate in this task, please contact Instagram for registration.

1. Youtube video requirements:
Publish four youtube videos within a month, one per week, with a duration of more than three minutes, and the title can be selected from these keywords, such as: perfectkicks, cocoshoes, coco shoes. The hashtag contains #cocoshoes. Put the URL link in the description column:

2. Instagram Requirements:
For a month, make four Instagram posts a week. The hashtag is #cocoshoesjing. Remember to put the title in @cocoshoesjing

3. TikTok post video requirements:
Post 20 15-second Douyin videos, 5 per week. The hashtag is #cocoshoesjing. Remember to put the title on The video content is a review website or a shoe unboxing video, etc.

4. Reddit requirements:
Reddit posts 4 times a week. It must be a positive review as a buyer, and the content is not limited.

Cocoshoes Yeezy x Gap Round Jackets Black

1. Original price of $99, now only $69

2.The event ends on February 28.

3.Give back to old users.

4.Click to buy.

2022 Chinese New Year Activities

2022 Chinese New Year Activities(END)

1. Orders placed from February 1st to February 2nd can use a 20% discount, discount code: new (the event is only 2 days)

2. Due to the holiday, logistics will resume on February 9th. Thank you for your understanding

3. Our holiday is from January 27th to February 8th. We may not reply to your messages during the event. Please don’t worry and shop with confidence. We will delay the reply until February 9th.

🎄2021 Christmas Events(END)

Christmas events in 2021(END)

1.Christmas Apple Bag (15$ buy one, can be purchased separately).

2.Buy a pair of shoes and get a random Christmas apple bag.

3.There are only 2000 Christmas apple bags in total.

4.The gift bag is sold out--0

5.20% discount on any shoe purchase.

Cocoshoes Sneakers

Any questions, please contact by the following

Facebook : Jing coco

After you pay successfully, you will receive a Confirm message from gmail or Whatsapp from us, please check and reply it in time.

Normaly, we will response to you during working time:
Washington Time: 9pm to 9am,
London Time: 2am to 2pm.

Thanks for your trust and support.

Happy Shopping - Cocoshoes !❥(^_-)!

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Black Friday and Christmas events in 2021(END)

Black Friday in 2021(END)

1. Buy a pair and get 15% off

2. 20% discount on purchases over $200

3. Event time from November 16th to November 28th

cocosheos Buy two get one free

Buy two get one free in 2021 (END)

1. Buy two get one free (END)

2. Time: October 25 to November 5 (END)

3. These shoes are promotional items, you must meet the conditions of the first point. If not, we will refund you (END)