Name: Coco Shoes Air Jordan 1 Retro High Dior

Style: CN8607-002

Batch: PerfectKicks

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Coco Shoes Service: 

✔Free QC (quality control) photos within 1-3 working days

✔Shipping Method: DHL / EMS / FedEx 

✔Delivery Time: 8-15 working days. (Sometimes packages are delayed due to weather and COVID-19.)

✔After delivery, a delivery photo and a tracking number will be provided, so you can track the logistics information throughout the process.

✔Payment method: Visa / Master / JCB / AE / Diners Club / Dc / PayPal / Zelle / 

Coco Shoes is the new website of Coco Sneakers, updated with more styles of shoes.  

Cocoshoes sells the coolest sneakers and the best Jordan 1. We uphold this belief to make the best sneakers. Have all the shoes you want. 

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I jus got my shoes today and the stitching and paint is perfect, I'm definitely gonna buy another pair from here. 10/10

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This shop offers a great selection of sneakers! I recommend it!

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